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Marie Perrella Somos grew up in the Jewelry Industry. The Talent and Skills to Design and Manufacture Jewelry has been part of her family since 1917. Both her Uncle and her father were Master Jewelers and Designers. Marie began designing her first piece of Jewelry when she was 10 years old. She gained the Jewelry Expertise needed to Create Fine Jewelry with attention to Quality and Details. When Marie joined the business 45 years ago she meet Kyriakos married and they together created Somos Creations. She still owns and operates both Somos Creations and Charles Perrella Inc.

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Kyriakos Somos was an Internationally recognized Designer & Creator of Artistic Jewelry. He was born in Athens, Greece in 1938. He first embraced the Arts by Studying alongside a Sculptor and Wood Carver. He soon moved on to his True Love by apprenticing under a Master Jeweler, Setter and Hand Engraver. While perfecting his skills, he also attended in the evening the Diplarios School of Design in Athens. He devoted over 53 years to the Creations of Fine 18K and Platinum Jewelry as an art form. He was a Designer Model maker, Setter, Hand Engraver and Master Goldsmith. Kyriakos came to New York in 1970 and worked as a Setter and Hand Engraver, until starting his own business in 1979.

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