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Award Winning Jewelry 
"Intricate Timeless Beauty with Everlasting Value."
Owning one of these Magnificent Creations is "Investing in a Work of Art to be
Cherished for Generations."
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The Creative Vision Marie and Kyriakos realized together many years ago moves forward today with Continuity of Design and Fine Detailed Craftsmanship. Between the two of them they have received 34 prestigious Jewelry Awards for design excellence. Including 4 DeBeers Diamonds Awards, The World Gold Council Gold Trends Award, The American Gem Trade Association Spectrum Award, The Signity Colored Gemstone Competition, The American Pearl Vision Award and the Platinum Millennium Award.

The DeBeers Winning piece "Star of the 21st Century" has been featured in Alexander McQueens' Couture New York Fashion Show, and on The Today Show, and has been in issues of Harper's Bazaar and Elle Magazine. Their jewelry was featured on Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City, on Kelly Ripa and Faith Ford in Hope and Faith, on the cover of Claude Mazloum's International book "Jewelry Design in the 21st Century" as well as being a permanent part of the Gemological Institute of Americas Museum.

The Distinctive Designer Collection Combines the Art of Yesterday with the Fashions of Today, While Championing the Timeless Allure of Romance. All of the pieces have a profound emphasis to detail. Purchasing a Somos Creation is investing in a Work of Art to be cherished for Generations.  Truly standing the test of time and spanning all ages.   

They have created pieces for many people all over the world.  Women of all ages and backgrounds from a bride to the Queen of Thailand the Prime Minister of Australia. The collection is for anyone who appreciates classic, romantic, delicate, Old World vintage styling.

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